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Most consumers don’t know why they need to purchase a water softener system, but after reading a few water softener reviews, it becomes quite obvious why one is needed in the home, and what to look for in the different models.

When clothes begin to look dull, there’s a dull grayish/white film around the faucets and appliances that use water, and that awful scum around the bathtub means it’s a good time to look at a water softener and water softener reviews. There are various types, that regenerate the water coming into the home to produce clean water.

Some utilize a time that regenerates the water only during certain periods during the day, others “learn” how much water is consistently used and only regenerate as needed, some are metered, and others require manual regeneration. Some water softeners include a filter that removes contaminants in addition to softening the water, most don’t.

Clearwave Electronic Water Softener System

Since water softeners run the gamut from inexpensive to extremely expensive, when looking at the Water Softener Reviews there are some models that are highly rated and very affordable, such as the Clearwave Electronic model CW-1.

This model helps remove that awful build up of scale and lime in the plumbing that is due to the excessive amount of minerals in the water that makes it “hard”. It is very efficient with both hot and cold water and ensure that the surfaces around faucets and appliances do not continue to have the buildup of calcium and manganese around the rims.

This model is generally installed on the incoming water pipe, and softens and cleans the water before it even comes into any plumbing in the home. It weighs about five pounds, and generally is relatively easy to install. This model is priced under $140.

Consumers stated that this model does a great job softening and cleaning the water and it’s reasonably priced, easy to install, and requires virtually no maintenance. In addition it’s energy efficient and extremely easy to use.

Metered water softener with 3/4" Autotrol 255/460i control, 48,000 grain capacity with by-pass valve

One model that consistently rates high in any Water Softener Reviews is the CAI Technologies Water Softener with Autotrol Control. This model has a 48,000 grain capacity and it’s designed with a microprocessor that is a metered flow softener.

It has a GE/Autotrol 255 valve with the 460i controller that means regeneration of the water is done at it’s most efficient and it utilizes the least amount of salt possible. The separate brine tank contains the saline that cleans the water before it is distributed into the home.

It has a turbulator distributor making it extremely efficient and is abased on the Ionac C-249 Ion exchanger for the resin. For reliability, the by-pass valve utilizes ¾” copper connections, and in addition it is energy efficient.

This model is priced under $800, and is an excellent model to provide clean, soft water to the entire home. Consumers stated that this model does and extremely good job of removing the hard minerals from the water leaving it clean and soft, and because it uses the least amount of salt possible, it’s very popular with consumers.

PuriTec TWFS-10C Whole House Water Filter & Softener, up to 4-1/2 Baths

Oftentimes when consumers are looking at Water Softener Reviews, they want to find a model for the entire home that does not utilize salt to soften the water. For these consumers, the PuriTech Whole House Water Filter & Softener, is the ideal solution.

This device utilizes no electricity, has sediment pre-filter to filter out the minute contaminants, and it’s very effective at providing the softest, best tasting water possible. There is no backwash utilized in this model which means there is no water wasted, and because it does not use salt to soften the water, it is virtually a maintenance free water conditioner.

This model is very easy to install and measures 48” tall and nine inches wide with a maximum flow rate of 10 gallons per minute to handle up to 75,000 grains. It is priced around $2200 and accommodates the entire house.

Consumers stated that this is the best water softener for those who are particularly concerned about adding salt to their water, and its energy efficient plus it’s very simple to install, and this model certainly does a great job.


When consumers are looking for advice on Water Softener Reviews, they want to know the top three models at various price levels, as well as why they should be looking for a water softener to begin with. Bad tasting water, dingy clothes, dry skin, and that white/gray film around faucet rims are a good indication that the water is too hard.

Softening the water is done with a variety of methods including regeneration, osmosis, and a variety of other new technologies that are available today. Some use salt, others don’t, but regardless of the method, soft water is simply better.

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